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Email Confirmation and Reminder

Most of nowadays companies run on the basis of e-mails and an average of 1.2 billions of e-mails are sent on a daily basis from non-spam sources. It doesn’t really matter what your job is, you will most probably have to e-mail your boss, a client or an associate a status report on a regular basis. Building the report up, gathering all the data, analyzing it, formatting and so might already be an easy task. Forgetting to send it might put you in big trouble. That’s when the Email Confirmation and Reminder tools are most useful.

Sometimes you have to confirm the receipt of a given message and the email confirmation and reminder usually has a standard pre-formatted message that is automatically sent upon the opening of a message, on an auto-reply system. Some of the systems allows the user to decide either to send it or not and you might even define as your standard not to send it. On the other end, many email confirmation and reminder have the receipt confirmation feature turned on as the standard procedure and you can also turn it off, deciding individually each message you will need the receipt confirmation.

Some useful features of an email confirmation and reminder include:

  • Out of the office reply: you can set a message to be sent while you are on holidays or even just at an out-of-the-office meeting, instructing how to proceed on these cases – call your personal assistant, a colleague or just wait for your return. You could even assign an emergency phone number where you could be reached.
  • Appointments reminders: you can define a message to be sent to you in order to remind you an important meeting or task you have to perform. It’s like having your schedule coming alive and poking you any given time.
  • Automated confirmation: most of the websites have a contact form that you fill out with enquires. Having an email automatically sent confirming your enquire was properly received, and sometimes even bearing a protocol number is helpful and doesn’t require any human intervention.

Email confirmation and reminder messages have their place, but will never replace the proper response with the information you really need on it.

Email confirmation and reminder is definitely a useful tool on nowadays email based company environment. Having an email confirmation and reminder might even save you from forgetting to send a report that took you ages to produce.

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