History of the Animated GIF

Ok, I have to admit I became a GIF man… No! I’m not into any kind of physical transformation, but I’m in love with GIF’s and the possibilities of image creation derived from this rather simple file format, created back on the pre-history of the Internet.


For me it was, at the beginning, a way to put TIME into photography. Then I’ve started to take pictures considering animating it. I started to ‘record’ pictures instead of taking them.

Nowadays I see there’s much more that can be considered apart from time when dealing with GIFs.

Here, for instance, the key point is not time, but focus. And it’s also an animated GIF:

”]Seeing this movie about the GIF history and the contemporary use of it is really inspiring.

You can see some of my GIFs using this link: https://jkscatena.com.br/category/arte/gif/

Maybe I already am a GIF man, after all, GIFs are usually infinite…

I had not really thought about the animated GIF for a couple of years. Sure they were around every so often but it was not a standard that I encountered everyday. I had heard some vague rumor about Tumblr being the new realm of the animated GIF but I have never been a heavy Tumblr user. Then came Google+. The most active people on Google’s social network tend to be those very same old Web designers and geeks that populated the Web in the 1990s. Hence, the GIF is their meme-generator of choice.
, ReadWriteWeb

via Video of the Week: History of the Animated GIF.

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